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Southern Diesel Repair Dallas, TX

Diesel Trailer Repair in Dallas, TX

Southern Diesel Repair is proud to offer its extensive line of fleet maintenance and repair services, both in-house and mobile. Save your precious time and money with our mobile/on-site fleet maintenance and repair services. Our NEW repair shop is located at 1833 Carpenter Rd in Hutchins, TX, which makes us highly accessible to a multitude of fleet owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Preventive Regular Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is the core aspect of a reliable and productive fleet increasing its lifespan as well. Similar to visiting a family doctor, our preventive regular maintenance for fleet trucks is aimed to maintain/optimize your fleet’s health and diagnose potential issues that might pop up during the voyage. You certainly won’t wish your fleet to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in case of a breakdown that may have prevented with regular maintenance well in advance. We can offer preventative regular maintenance services at your specified location or at any time as per convenience. Regular fleet maintenance service includes engine tune ups, fluid change, oil change, and inspection of lubrications. Have any other concerns pertaining to your fleet’s maintenance, feel free to ask and we will get it done too.

Assured and Expert Repair Works

Once our trained/certified technicians diagnose the bug in your fleet, we immediately notify you about the repair overheads through a phone call or email, whichever preferable. Also, you are free to reach our customer support team for any concerns before or after the repair works. Petty repair works such as adjustments or clutches or brakes, battery tune-ups or electrical repairs are usually executed at your location, whereas extensive repair works might require towing your fleet to our workshop. In such a scenario, we tow it at our workshop. Our trained technicians can execute a range of repair works for those bigger fleet trucks (18 wheels) apart from regular trucks. These repair works include but are not limited to:
Diesel Truck Repairs Shop

Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance Services – Complete Repose

The success of any transportation business relies greatly on its fleets. In fact, break down of a fleet for even a day can result in huge losses. Thus, Southern Diesel Repair with its comprehensive maintenance and repair services for fleets puts you at complete repose. Unraveling the real potential of fleets is just a call away.

Our comprehensive maintenance services are offered through expert and trained technicians, who work rigorously at our workshops situated at Rowlett and Hutchins (the all new shop) in Texas. We employ the best and prudent in the business to get your job done with utmost perfection. By allowing us to maintain and/or repair your fleet, you are sure to boost its reliability whilst reducing the maintenance cost to a great extent. Our service highlights include regular fleet inspections, quick follow-ups and parts replacement and 24/7 emergency mobile service or on-site assistance.

On-site and Mobile Maintenance

Mobile Diesel Truck Repair DallasSouthern Diesel Repair understands the responsibility of managing a line of big fleets. Thus, we are more than glad to share the load with our on-site and mobile maintenance. No need to be troubled if you lack time or resources to get your fleet up and going on the middle of road in case of a breakdown, as we can take care of all.

Just give us a call at 972-412-3009 and our expert technicians will be there for you in no time. The technicians make use of state-of-the-art means and ways to diagnose the problem as well as utilize advanced technology for all the repair works.

So operating your fleet business got a whole lot easier, as the solution for all your fleet repair and maintenance problems is just a call away.

With Southern Diesel Repair, you no more have to be anxious about downtime, as your fleets will up and back on road in no time. Thus, your fleet drivers can dedicate more time in serving your customers rather than shuttling the fleets waiting for the repair work to be completed.

Why not schedule a preventive maintenance now? This will assist in diagnosing any engine repair or maintenance work well beforehand avoiding breakdowns of fleets on roads in future.

It is rightly said, “prevention is better than cure”, and this goes true for your fleets as well.